Vuukle's Dashboard

Moderation panel for our comments system , real-time analytics, analytics by different categories and more…

Easy to use moderation panel

Moderation Panel

Powerful Filters

You can search by many categories like article, email, pending or approved comments and much more...

Control every comment

You can edit, reply or delete comment directly in the comments list.

Advanced settings

- Block user by email or IP address.
- Disable comments in selected article.

Find bad words easy

One solution might work for well in an app and fail in yours. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing.

Powerful realtime engagement analytics


Different Points

A wide range of analytics avaliable for you: GEO, Devices, OSes, Browsers.


We offer real-time analytics with session time where you can check how much time users spend on your articles, websites or apps.


Almost any data from our dashboard can be exportable.

Email Reports

Don't miss anything! Receive analytics data or revenue information by selected period of time.

More Features

Revenue Control

Check your revenue by a selected period of time, compare with previous month earning.

Email Reports

You and your team members can receive email reports for revenue or analytics for selected period of time.

API Documentation

Public API documentation with examples. Test API directly in a dashboard with our console.