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Vuukle is the world's first Publisher Workspace solution designed to maximize ad revenue, improve site speed, and amplify audience engagement.





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Monetize - Programmatic Ads

With the help of Vuukle’s ad management and monetization tools, publishers can refocus on creating world-class content. Through our unified workspace, you can easily view individual ad performance and track yield more efficiently.

Video and Display formats
40% Uplift in CPMs
Smooth Integration
Expert advice and support
Unified Analytics dashboard
25+ SSP Partnerships

Our Trusted Partners

We work with more than 25 trusted DSP's


Engage - AI-Moderated Comments

We help publishers increase real interactions and improve site speed through AI-powered comment moderation and live analytics.

User profiles
SSO Integration
AI-powered comment moderation
Customized themes & fonts
Localised to any language
Content re-circulation
Supports rich media & images
Community building features

Engage - Share & React

Increase your user engagement 10x - without sharing or selling their data to partners. Vuukle's lightweight share bars are fast to load and customizable for any content.

Sharing Toolbar
Full CSS customization
Pagespeed compatible
Supports all major social platforms
Reaction Emojis
Use custom images
Content discovery
10x more engagement

Analyze - Live Audience

Unify all of your engagement and ad revenue data in a single workspace while tracking live users on page, time spent reading each piece, trending articles, and sources of traffic. Plus, send simple real-time notifications (no opt-in needed) to your live traffic all with just one JavaScript integration.


Live Analytics

We show you real time information about your trending stories, authors and traffic sources.

Historical Reports

Draw historical reports to understand user engagement and ad performance in a single unified workspace.

AI-powered Moderation

Our AI-powered system offers important features like user and keyword blocking with easy search, sorting and filtering of comments.

Why Vuukle?

Incredible Infrastructure

We process more than 20bn HTTPs requests per month. Our systems are designed to auto scale for any traffic volume.

Easy Revenue Tracking

Draw reports by ad unit, device or category. We update our reports every hour.

Live Notifications

Broadcast a live notification to users that are online right now on your site.

Flexibility & Customization

Almost all tools can be customized to your site structure and design.

Unified Workspace

Quickly track and manage all user engagement and revenue data from our unified workspace.

Easy Data import/export

We can import all your comments data from almost any platform and can also provide you an export of your data when required.

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