Vuukle is an Audience Engagement and Ad revenue monetization platform. With the help of our widgets/plugins and proven monetization capabilities, you as a publisher can focus more on creating world-class content without worrying about managing your Ad Revenue or widgets/plugins on your website.

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Unique Product, Unlimited Features

Our widgets are fully customizable and offers interesting features making user engagement super easy & fun.

Simple Configuration

You can install our widgets in less than 60sec and get started. It is 1JS for all our products.

24/7 Technical Support

No matter where you are our team is available 24*7 to provide support and address all your concerns.

99.9% Uptime

Our team works hard and takes pride in providing and maintaining a platform that 2000+ publishers globally trust.

Revenue For Publishers

We offer a multi-format, multi-size header bidding unit which can be in-stream/out-stream.

Video and display inventory.
100% ad filled impressions.
Easy Integration.
Non intrusive ad experience.
40% Uplift in CPMs.
Multiple Ad Formats and Products.

Comments and Moderation

We bring you the most sophisticated and feature rich comments platform backed by AI that is designed to perform beyond your expectations by eliminating spam automatically.

Auto generated User profiles
Localised to any language
AI realtime Toxic meter
Customized themes & fonts
SSO Integration
Content re-circulation
Supports rich media & photos
Supports Search through Comments
Community building features
@Mentions, #Hashtags, Real time typing, Follow feature.

Facebook style Engagement or Embeddable widgets

Embed our sharing bar and Reaction bar anywhere on your page to boost 10x engagement on your website.

Sharing Toolbar
Make your own toolbar
Zero load on page
Integrates with comments and reactions
Reaction Widget
Use your own images
Drives user re-circulation
10x more engagement than comments

Powerful real-time analytics dashboard

We have aggregated all user engagement related data analytics captured by our platform into one simple dashboard, get ready to discover new insights about your users.


Realtime Analytics

We show you absolutely real time details about your trending authors, device and referral traffic sources.

Granular Analytics

We gather granular details like most engaged articles along with geography, device and browser segmentation.

Full Moderation Suite

Our AI-powered system offers important features like user and keyword blocking with easy search, sorting and filtering of comments.

Our Features

Incredible Infrastructure

We process more than 10bn HTTPs requests per month. Our systems are designed to auto scale for any traffic.

Easy Revenue Tracking

You can easily track your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly revenues through our dashboard.

Email Notification

Our email notifications have an open rate of more than 80%. It is one of the highest in the industry.

Customizable APIs

We can provide customized APIs for important metrics to display separately on the page.

Simple Dashboard

All your user engagement data from 5 different widgets on your page is assimilated on 1 simplified user interface that allows you to moderate comments from the same interface.

Easy Data import/export

We can import all your comments data from your current platform and can also provide you an export of your data when required.

Our Trusted Partners

We work with more than 25 trusted DSP's


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