Increase User Engagement

By creating multiple points of engagement, designed to make visitor want to engage, Vuukle solves one of the major issues of today's websites.

Increase Traffic

By generating a better internal linking structure and related posts customized to each visitor, Vuukle helps increase your website rankings in search engines and internal referral traffic

Increase Website Revenue

More user engagement and more traffic generates more money, but Vuukle helps you even further. By monetizing your comments section we help increase your website CPM.

Services we offer.

    • Can be embedded on any website
    • Related posts suited for each visitor
    • Auto-moderation of comments through Vuukle's unique ranking algorithm
    • Audience interaction increased with focused comments
    • High-rated comments always shown, poorly rated comments are filtered out
    • Topic, tag, author analytics
    • Moderation
    • Newsletters
    • and much more...
    • Sentiment analysis widget
    • Email Subscribe
    • Ideabox
    • Embeddable Comments
    • More soon...

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